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Our Mission:

Regenerating Agriculture

We’re on a mission to move mountains and reshape the terrain of our country through regenerative agriculture.  Understanding the scope of this effort, we work to supply those who are supplying our farms with the materials they need to heal our land.  

We’re out to transform the health of our nation from the ground up.  For many years, we’ve prayed for God to heal our land.  We believe shifting focus from conventional norms is key to His work in seeing restoration in His creation.  Inasmuch, we’ve set our hands to the plough, working diligently to equip our industry with the best products, services and resources to achieve this end.

With top quality raw materials sourced from around the globe, we’re restoring the missing links in our soil and, consequently, missing links in the health of our nation.


Our Vision:

Healing Our Land

Abundant land and fruitful harvests – We believe these aren’t just dreams but what the Lord desires for His children.  Conventional farming has done enough damage to our soil. It’s time we bring it back.

"Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it."

Cultivating a Heritage of Health for Future Generations.

We are called to be stewards – to faithfully manage the resources the Lord as entrusted to us – not just to preserve but to multiply for future generations. From the soil to the livestock, plants to how we tend to our own bodies, we’ve been called to honor Him and each other through this stewardship.

*Please note: our storehouses are rather full and our extensive inventory is currently being added to our new site.  To see more of what we carry, be sure to browse our catalog.


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Regenerative agriculture implies more than just sustaining something but rather an active rebuilding or regeneration of existing systems towards full health. It also implies an open-ended process of ongoing improvement and positive transformation.

Who We Serve
Man wearing a checkered shirt and a hat standing in a cornfield, a farmer.

Agricultural Distributors & Farmers

Our Roots Run Deep

Growing up in the farmlands of Lancaster County, agriculture remains our joy and heritage.  


Healing the land means committing to rebuilding from the ground up with the cleanest, richest products possible.


We hold an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the future of agriculture.


Products are third-party test to uphold customer confidence in the purity of our products

Customer Focused

At the heart of all we do, we want to see the farms that rely on us succeed.  We appreciate the hard working companies that share our vision for changing the world through agriculture and strive to ensure that support is evident in every interaction.

Committed to Excellence

From organic certifications to third party testing, we go the extra mile to ensure that the products you order are monitored with the highest of standards.  We believe with the work we’ve set out to accomplish, we can’t possibly settle for anything less.

Our Family

Together, we thrive.

Amish Farmhouse and Farmland

Mary Stoltzfus


Close up view of farm owner examining soil in the field. inspect and test the soil during the proces

Sammy Stoltzfus

Production Specialist

Our Products

We carry an extensive inventory to serve the diverse needs within our industry. Be sure to browse our catalog and reach out if you have any questions!

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