Wholesale Fertilizer Blenders

We’re on a BIG mission – one that’s going to take collaborating with some of the nation’s most driven companies.

Demand for What You Have to Offer

As organic produce comes with increasing demand, organic farmers are ever looking to expand. They need your help. That’s why we’re here to support you.

Fast & Dependable

The last thing you want is to miss opportunities as you’re on standby waiting for shipments. We work diligently to ensure quick turnarounds, getting you the materials you need to keep your business trucking forward.

Peterbilt Class8 commercial truck driving through farmlands in eastern Washington, USA at sunset.
Making profit from organic farming of potato and parsley

Profitable Solutions

We want to see your business thrive along with the customers you serve. We offer competitive pricing while never compromising on quality to promote the wellbeing of your business at every turn.

Highest Quality

We go to great lengths to acquire the highest quality raw materials for our customers and in-house blends. Acquiring shipments from Israel, India and many places throughout the world, we’re determined to make sure you have the best products in the market.

Beautiful shot of a tractor with a fertilizer tank on a farm in a countryside
Asian farmer using holding tablet and organic vegetables hydroponic in greenhouse plantation.

Organic Certification

Your customers count on you for the assurance that they’re getting organic ingredients in the fertilizers they buy from you. To support your business, we help with ensuring you get the documentation you need promote consumer confidence in your company.

Third-Party Testing

Understanding the incredible importance of purity, we ensure third-party testing is performed routinely on our products. Vetting out the best sources is just the start. This testing allows us to ensure the quality of these products is held to the highest standards.

Close up view of farm owner examining soil in the field. inspect and test the soil during the proces

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help You Help Them.

Understanding the importance of the American farm in the health of families across the country, it’s imperative we do our part to ensure they have the raw materials they need to support that vision. We’re all in this together and that’s why we are all-in for you.

We’re excited to team up with you as you support those who are feeding our nation. Let us know how we can support your business.