farmer and agronomist. Senior farmer signs contract to sell plum fruit.

Terms & Conditions

  • 2% discount with payment at time of purchase except credit cards
  • 1% discount at 10 days
  • Net 30 days

Payment Methods

  • Cash or check
  • ACH – To use Automated Clearing House provide us with your bank routing number and checking account number. Both of these are found on your check.
  • Credit cards accepted, but no discounts
  • apply.

General Terms


It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to evaluate whether our products marked CFU (considered for organic use) are accepted by the purchaser’s organic certifying agency.


Any discrepancies in an order must be reported within 15 days of an invoice date.


Unopened returned goods within 6 months of purchase date are subject to a 10% restocking charge.


Order cancellations are accepted on same date of sale until time of shipping.

Sales Tax

All Pennsylvania residents must pay state sales tax. There is an exemption for those producers who have a PA sales tax number or PA Tax Exemption Form.

Returned Check

There is a $20 fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds.

Liability Disclaimer / Warranty

Lancaster Agricultural Products will not be liable for the wrong usage of our products. The user assumes full responsibility when a product is dispensed, dispersed, administered or used in any manner. It is the responsibility of the user to read the product ingredients and label directions. Lancaster Ag warrants that all products manufactured at our facilities will contain the ingredients described on our labels, subject to immaterial variations. Lancaster Ag will replace any nonconforming products, if certain conditions are met.