Aerial view of cargo truck driving on dirt road between agricultural wheat fields


Custom Blending

We offer over 30 blend products available to be custom blended to your specifications or farm needs.


We provide liquid fertilizer application to our local customers. Farmers outside of our Lancaster County, PA area should work together to group their acreage for us to spray efficiently. Our capacity per truck is 250 acres a day. We have 3 sprayer trucks and 2 semi-tankers ready to service your needs.

Organic Certification

See detailed information on what you can do to make the certification process easier.


We apply dry fertilizer blends to soils in Lancaster County, surrounding areas and neighboring states with our spreader trucks. Customers outside our local area should call ahead so that we can efficiently schedule our spreading. We have 2 spreading trucks and numerous bulk trailers.


  • Soil
  • Water
  • Forage Tissue
  • Plant Tissue

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