Human Wellness

Agriculture and Human Wellness
The link between an agricultural company such as Lancaster Ag and human wellness lies in the quote, “We are what we eat.” Thus, human health begins in the soil. Farmers and gardeners who work the land need to carefully balance their soils with minerals, trace minerals, and soil amendments and put back into the soil what the crops have taken out. The goal is higher minerals and balanced soil. Otherwise the depleted soil will produce vegetables and fruits that are seriously lacking in nutrients.

Various researchers find that we have 80% less proper nutritional density in the average vegetables than we did in the 1940’s.
A United States Department of Agriculture study at the University of Louisiana discovered that fruits have lost 60% of their nutritional value and vegetables have lost 80%. On the other hand, a balanced garden will bring a complete holistic approach to food by providing a wide variety of minerals – a complete battery of minerals.

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