Farm gate on a foggy morning


Our Story

The Beginning

Lancaster Agriculture Products is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where we have some of the world’s richest soils and a vibrant farming community. Co-founder Stephen E. Stoltzfus and his son Reuben started the business on their rural Bird-in-Hand family farm in 1994 when they began blending soil amendments.

Stephen and Reuben put together a team of professional partners and staff members who went on a search to find ingredient sources for their mixes. The team educated themselves, consolidated their information, developed new products, and then began manufacturing them for farmers who were interested in sustainability.


In response to the needs and requests of the farmers and growers they served, Lancaster Ag has expanded their business to include a great variety of products and services. In addition to our dry and liquid mixes and blends, we have added spreading and spraying, testing, seeds, animal health and nutrition, garden and produce, human wellness, books and tools, research, deliveries, a pallet program, phone support, a retail store, and educational events.

Our company has moved two times in the past twenty years in order to grow and provide better service. By 1999 we had outgrown our space on the family farm and moved to an industrial complex on Beechdale Road in Bird-in-Hand. Six years later in 2007, we relocated to our present site in our own business campus at 60 N. Ronks Road.

What We Do Best

For nearly 20 years we have served family farmers, produce growers, and gardeners with our sustainable, biological, and organic agricultural products. Service and education are two key ways that Lancaster Ag benefits our customers.

Our 30-member staff works together as a team to back our Lancaster Ag products with top-notch service. An essential part of our service is to inform and educate our customers about the products we sell. Along the way, we have discovered that there are stepping-stones to sustainability. It is a journey – not a destination.


Our mission at Lancaster Ag is all about Health:

  • healthy soil
  • healthy plants
  • healthy animals
  • healthy people

Our passion is agriculture and promoting healthy living through farming and gardening. We conduct our business with this understanding: If the person is not healthy, then the environment is not healthy. Our great desire is to use our company to…

  • touch individual people at the heart level
  • help families to better health
  • challenge all of us to leave a greener tomorrow than what was given to us

A Faith-Based Company

Lancaster Ag is a faith-based company, striving to educate and inform as well as offer sustainable agricultural products to our customers. Our business goal is to provide products and services that give a solid foundation for sustainable agriculture. However, we believe the true foundation for success is a faith- and spirit-based lifestyle.

Prayer and meditation, along with products and personal efforts, can provide a bountiful outcome. A high priority of ours is to conduct business with integrity and to give back to the community the blessings our business has received. “This is the Lord’s business and we are simply vehicles by which it is run.” This quote is at the heart of Lancaster Agriculture Products.