Human Wellness

Our Philosophy

The healthy living philosophy we have at Lancaster Ag is health & wellness by living a holistic lifestyle in every aspect of life. This starts with soil but affects our whole body. When we talk about the need to put nutrients back in the soil, it is not just about the importance of cutting down on weed growth or for plants to grow well. It is also about growing the highest quality, nutrient-rich foods to benefit to our bodies. This is edifying human and animal health!

Three keys to generational wellness are choosing healthy foods, exercising to reduce stress and teaching your children & grandchildren by example. Kids will eat anything if they are exposed to a variety of foods beyond sweets, junk and fast food. It is all a matter of what people learn and are exposed to. A healthy balance of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein & grains are vital to nutrition at any age.

Achieving the Holistic, Healthy Lifestyle

Golden milk with turmeric powder in glasses, natural health boosting


When our soil’s nutrients are depleted, our foods are also missing vital nutrients. Our bodies operate similar to the soil, so there is a need to supplement (add or enhance what exists) with multi-vitamins, probiotics and a digestive enzyme.

Different lifestyles require different nutrition and supplementation. Vegan and vegetarians need different nutrition than carnivores and vice versa. Therefore, the supplementation for each may vary.


Just like soil, when our body doesn’t have adequate hydration our cells wilt and don’t function as well as they are designed to. Adequate water intake is half of your body weight in ounces of water– if exercising and sweating you need more. The best water to hydrate with is distilled or reverse osmosis water. Lemon in water is a good detoxifier. It’s a good practice to start your day with lemon water to jump start your body. Water alkalizing machines are on the market to further increase the goodness of the water we consume.

How to start adopting a new healthy holistic lifestyle

Beginning a new healthy lifestyle takes time. We don’t suddenly become healthy or unhealthy overnight, rather over the course of years. Our bodies need time to adjust and learn new healthy habits, so don’t be discouraged in the beginning.

Take the time your body needs to gain balance. Beware of products or diets that claim to come easy or fast with results. For example, if you are low in iron, you will need a consistent, long-term diet that is rich in liver and dark green leafy vegetables to allow absorption and aide in the body’s ability to process iron rich foods. However, if the beef liver is full of antibiotics and hormones, that counteracts the natural nutrients. When your body isn’t used to consuming dark green leafy vegetables, you could experience digestive issues that disappear over time once your body has adapted.

“Diet” vs. Lifestyle Change

A fad diet is a short term solution to a long term problem. If you cut foods and calories, you can throw your body into starvation mode which can actually make you retain and gain weight. Another possibility is once off a “diet” you go back to old eating habits which often add to even more weight gain than before you began the diet.

Common Ailments & Helpful Products

It is important to share and understand experiences that have worked for others. Here are common health issues that we frequently address.

Beneficial eating for digestive system. Healthy ingredients containing vitamins and minerals
Digestive issues

IBS, diverticulitis, constipation – especially in women can be positively affected by food. Dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, probiotics, digestive enzymes, magnesium, fiber or our Fiber-Wise are a few of nature’s ways to help digestion function properly.


The thyroid is essential to women’s health, as it plays a key role in ovulation, menstruation and having healthy pregnancies. Iodine and tyrosine is necessary to support the thyroid and endocrine system. Temperature below 97.5⁰F can be an indicator of a thyroid issue.

Hormonal imbalance goes hand in hand with thyroid problems. Lugol’s and Eco-Thyroid can have positive effects for those with thyroid problems. For hormone imbalance our evening primrose oil, Pro-Femme Support, Myomin and Estrodim work well

Lyme’s disease

Lyme’s disease can be terribly debilitating and affects each person differently. If you had a medical problem prior to being infected with Lyme’s, that existing condition can worsen with Lyme’s. This causes some people to be misdiagnosed for years.

Quick, accurate diagnosis of Lyme’s is crucial in beginning treatment. Don’t be afraid or put off going to the doctor. Constant supervision once diagnosed is necessary.

The following products are often helpful in fighting the virus and bacteria, as well as providing relief to someone diagnosed with Lyme’s: Samento and Carnivora (for stimulating the kidneys, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial), Uva Ursi (for stimulating the kidneys) or KB8 (for kidney flushing), milk thistle (to protect the liver), oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract.

Immune Problems

Immune problems such as low white blood cell count or being sick often require support. We’ve seen individuals have positive changes with vitamin D3, lithium oratate, B12, colloidal silver and colostrum.

Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu Relief has been found with oregano oil, colloidal silver, grapefruit seed and Sambucol.

Jar of honey and other natural immune ingredients
Heart health

Heart health struggles such as heart disease, stress or cardiovascular induced high blood pressure, clogged arteries and circulatory issues. Positive condition changes have been found with Cardimax, celery seed extract, Hawthorn, NAC, Larginine and more.

Please note: ALWAYS check with your physician before starting supplements and/or starting new lifestyle changes. Accurate history of health issues as well as tracking of medications is vital to the process when seeking advice on a holistic lifestyle and supplements from a health consultant.