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Lancaster AG Programs
When you follow Lancaster Ag’s Garden Programs your garden will flourish. This means carefully following these programs step-by-step, nurturing your soil, and using our beneficial garden products. Then your family will enjoy the health that comes from a diet of real foods.
Product Resources

Lancaster AG Product Resources
Your research made quick & easy! Our mission is to educate you about the basics of sustainable farming and keep you informed about new trends and discoveries in the industry. These resources offer basic information as well as thorough essays delving deep into specific topics.
Printed Literature

2018 Catalog
Downloadable pdf files of our most recent catalog or newsletter archive!
Organic Certification

Farmers and growers who use Lancaster Agricultural Products to grow certified organic crops work with their own certification agencies. Our company cooperates with organic certifiers, providing them with product labels and formulations, as well as answering questions as they arise.