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Organic Certification

To Organic Farmers and Growers: You are responsible to have our products approved by your own certification agent.

Farmers and growers who use Lancaster Agricultural Products to grow certified organic crops work with their own certification agencies. Our company cooperates with organic certifiers, providing them with product labels and formulations, as well as answering questions as they arise.

Our Certified Organic Products

Lancaster Ag formulates blends that are focused on nutrient-dense crops for human health. Our certified organic products and labels are indicated in these two ways:

  • The CFU symbol in our catalog (Considered for Organic Use)
  • The green band on our labels

This implies that the products are formulated to be compatible with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). In other words, the catalog symbol and the product label ensure that our product is acceptable to be used in the USDA organic system.

Are your products approved by my certification agency?

Ask your certification agent if a certain Lancaster Ag product is approved by his agency. If the product has not yet been reviewed, please call Lancaster Ag at 717-687-9222. We will submit a complete label, formula and backup documents to your certification agent for approval of use. Please allow a full week’s notice.

How do I obtain label copies for my certifier?

Kindly give one full week advance notice if you need labels provided to your certifier. Please do not call us the day before, as it takes time to assemble everything!

Check the label, stop the truck and check the paperwork!

We take organic certification very seriously and need your help. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to check with your certifier before applying anything to your crops or feeding your animals. Thus, it is very important that you get prior approval before receiving any products. This applies to products you purchase from anywhere, not just Lancaster Ag.

Keep your product labels!

Here are some ideas for archiving ingredient labels for minerals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds:

  • Cut off labels and place in a file folder marked “Product labels”. Always add to the front of the folder, so you know which products are most recent. When you stop using a product, place that label in a separate folder called “label archive” just in case you need access to it later.
  • Keep a shoebox in your barn desk drawer marked “Product labels” to keep product labels. Write the start date for using that product directly on the label.

Help us help you!

  • Be sure you received what you ordered.
  • Don’t apply or feed until you look at the labels.