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For the convenience of our local customers, we keep a well-stocked retail store at 60 N. Ronks Road. Here you will find many products such as books and tools, human wellness, garden and produce, animal health, Nutri-Min Mineral Blends, and Heritage Feeds. Hours are Monday-Friday from 7 am to 5 pm.

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Call us at: 717-687-9222. A person answers your phone call!
Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are available in the Call Center. They will answer your questions ranging from animal health to soil nutrition and explain how to use our products and programs. They are ready to process your orders in an efficient and friendly way.

Service Staff

Lancaster Agriculture Products is a business centered on godly principles and strong family values. With the help of their partners, Reuben and Mary Stoltzfus strive to conduct business with integrity and honesty. They enjoy having their four sons and two daughters working with them. Samuel and Reuben Jr. are in charge of the warehouse and Ruth and Rebecca Ann assist with light duties in the office and Retail Store. Daniel and Dave’s positions are featured along with the rest of the Lancaster Ag staff.


Larry Groff - Chief Financial Officer

With his background in farming, banking, and service abroad, Larry brings wide experience to his role at Lancaster Ag. His primary responsibilities are in general management of operations and in managing the financing and pricing. He gives solid advice and deals with the customer financial issues that are extensive.


Tina Horst - Accounting Administrator

Tina works with billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. She is the staff person who troubleshoots when customers encounter problems with invoices.


Rosanne Garman - Administrative Assistant & Events Coordinator

Organizing all the Lancaster Ag events such as trade shows and farm meetings is Rosanne’s responsibility. She keeps track of the many calendar events and coordinates the details for our educational offerings. She also works in the Call Center.

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Kendra Helfter - Animal Health Specialist

Kendra joined the Lancaster Ag team in December 2014 and brings 25 years of organic agriculture and animal nutrition experience. We are excited about her extensive background in organic certification, animal ration balancing, and animal nutrition. Kendra is available to answer animal health questions in the call center, take orders, and schedule deliveries.

Dr. Paul Dettloff

Dr. Paul Dettloff - Staff Veterinarian

Relying on his 40 plus years of working with farmers and their livestock, Dr. Paul is Lancaster Ag’s animal health consultant. He lives in Arcadia, Wisconsin, and travels to Lancaster County several times a year to work with the staff here.


Bill Saadeh - Sales Representative

Bill is the Sales Rep for Delaware and Maryland. He is also involved in general office administration and the Call Center.

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Steve Hartzler - Sales Representative / Produce Service Coordinator

Depending on his many years of hands-on produce growing, Steve speaks from personal experience as he advises growers in the Call Center. He works as a produce coordinator and is the Sales Rep for Connecticut.

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Tom Zundel - AG Seeds Coordinator

Tom oversees the sale and inventory of seeds. He shares his wide knowledge about seed placement and seed ranges and serves in our Call Center.


Allen Nolt - Spreading and Spraying Operator

Allen is well equipped to handle the busy months of spreading and spraying. He efficiently coordinates the dates, truck routes, and acres that are waiting for applications.


Steven (Howie) Combs - Nutritional and Poultry Manager

Howie’s main responsibility is in the area of poultry nutrition. He advises farmers of current trends in the poultry industry, encourages good nutrition in their flocks, and troubleshoots when problems occur.


Daniel Stoltzfus - Operations and Dry Blend Manager

Growing up in the family business, Daniel has trained in the warehouse and at the feed mill and has worked with the dry and liquid blends. In the fall of 2013 he began a new position of supervising all four of these areas.


Dave Stoltzfus - Spreading and Spraying Operator

After working in the warehouse, feed mill, and on the farm with the dry blends, Dave now helps to operate the trucks that apply valuable minerals to the crops.


Amos Martin - Sales Representative

Through his many years of working with local farmers, Amos is well acquainted with sustainable practices. His region is Southern Lancaster County.


Rodney Martin - Sales Representative

As a resident of Virginia, Rodney serves the farmers and growers there. He has an extensive background in farming, having operated a dairy farm for 18 years.


Mark Fulford - Sales Representative

From his Teltane Farm in Monroe, Maine, Mark works as the Sales Rep for the state of Maine. He not only grows a wide range of fruits and vegetables, but also is an educator and farm consultant.


Peter Russell - Sales Representative

Living in the small town of Contoocook, New Hampshire, Peter is a certified organic berry grower. He is the Sales Rep for Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.


Whitney Scott - Sales Representative

Whitney is the Sales Rep for the Central PA region. On his own farm in Central PA he spends time growing organic berries.


Gerry Roman - Service Representative

Gerry brings 40 years of experience in the agriculture industry to Lancaster Ag. His region includes Northern Lancaster County, Lebanon & Berks Counties, and New Jersey.

Daniel H

Daniel Hoover - Service Representative

Giving customer support in New York is Daniel Hoover, who has been involved in organic farming for 20 years. He helps farmers make decisions for seed and fertilizer planning and ration and mineral changes.

David S

David Swartzentruber - Service Representative

With a wide range of hands-on farming experiences from dairy to vegetables and fruits, David is well qualified to assist farmers and growers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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